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Outdoor TikiTorches

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Delightful Summer Evenings With Outdoor Tiki Torches

Many have has valued the use of tiki torches for decorative purposes. Outdoor torches are a great idea to make your gathering great.

Your outdoor gatherings will never be the same after you set up tiki torches and create some beautiful atmosphere. Outdoor tiki torches are an enchanting way to create paradise in your backyard, as long as you use them safely. With a little care, you can prevent accidents and enjoy your outdoor tiki torches worry-free.

outdoor tiki torch

The flames on the tiki torches dance in the warm, evening breeze. The scent of Hawaiian Plumes fills the night air, and gentle sounds of quiet waves lap the beach. Ahhhh . . . paradise! Something about tiki torches always seem to invoke this sensation. Why a backyard luau would not be complete without them!

Outdoor tiki torches not only add to the ambiance of your tiki-themed hot recipient, but they also aid in keep annoying bugs away from you and your guests. Outdoor tiki torches are easily made, organized and are wireless to keep decorating simple and your guest secure.

garden tiki torch stocks a wide selection of outdoor tiki torches that you can use for your backyard and patio. Our twelve 6 ft tall tiki torches make some pleasant atmosphere in your backyard. It has an L shaped shepherd hook base for easy insertion into the ground. The stem is made out of square pipe and twisted for added elegance. There is a decorative finial that transitions the rod to the can. The can is copper plated under a process to prevent rusting. Each outdoor garden torch comes complete with fiberglass wick that will last a lifetime. There is also a snuffer/cap attached by a chain. When not in use, the torches can be covered to keep out rainwater Light up your outdoor party area by combining this 72 inch ground torch with matching table torch or patio torch. The torches take regular citronella oil or lamp oil. They are very popular for keeping mosquitoes at bay or just decorating the yard.

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Small Decor tiki Torches Speak Volumes

It doesn’t take a degree in Interior Design to make a home decor statement. It doesn’t take the national budget of a small country to decorate a home and garden. All it takes is a bit of guidance, a few small hints, maybe a push in the right direction – and you’ll have your friends and neighbors asking for the name of your new decorator.


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